Research has indicated that Multimedia SJTs hold higher face validity than text-based SJTs while also reducing the adverse impact that has been experienced with the use of cognitive ability tests. (Chan & Schmitt, 1997; Motowidlo et al., 1990; Weekley & Jones, 1997, 1999). The animated SJT, a new and emerging form of testing, holds many similarities to the MMSJT. However, no research has been conducted to support this claim. The present study examined the perceptions of an animated SJT versus a text based SJT to provide additional information to the field of selection tests. The research was conducted to provide insight into applicant reactions as well as information about what drives the preference for each type of Situational Judgment Test. Overall, results indicated that the animated SJT was perceived more positively than the text based SJT, with significantly more participants preferring the animated to the text based SJT.


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