Mythology of Control is a personal, visual account of reacting to the turmoil of life and relationships, recognizing the inherent fragility often disguised by a façade of strength. Layering and obscuring imagery creates a metaphor for coping- constantly redefining perceptions, plans, and expectations. The printed imagery evokes a vague recognition or familiarity, alluding to unassembled schematics that are fictional but suggest credibility, rather than specific, identifiable forms. Cloth, in the form of blankets or quilts handed down within families, absorbs history and memory, becoming a material archive. My link between personal history and impermanent states is supported by senses of memory, frustration, and a subtle optimism. The layering in the works on paper builds repeated silkscreened images in a manner that shows the hand of the artist, creating layers that are similar, yet changed- a direct reference to human responses and actions which are constantly changing yet rooted in individual personalities. The gestural lines, smudges, and squeegee marks create a surface of imagery that reflects memory, past history, and the emotional scars that form the basis for each new response. There are no pristine surfaces, no forgetting, no complete erasures. The work shows an ultimately flawed and misguided attempt to control expectations, control others' actions, control responses, and try to make something permanent in a world of change.


Liz Miller

First Committee Member

Jonathan McFadden

Second Committee Member

Russell Palma

Date of Degree




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Master of Arts (MA)




Arts and Humanities

01_InMediasRes.jpg (3731 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 1

02_ThePlaninHindsight.jpg (4096 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 2

03_ThinLayersofUnderstanding.jpg (3762 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 3

04_ReflectingtheIntangible.jpg (3289 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 4

05_ThePlotThickens.jpg (3941 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 5

06_ScratchingtheSurface.jpg (3091 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 6

07_Obliterating.jpg (3319 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 7

08_NotestoMyself.jpg (4014 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 8

09_MythofStrength.jpg (3013 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 9

10_Haze.jpg (3860 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 10

11_ThroughtheGlassDarkly.jpg (3695 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 11

12_LookingBack,orThrough_view2.jpg (2796 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 12

13_ToFounder.jpg (3425 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 13

14_Again,WhoDoYouExpectMetoBe.jpg (3245 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 14

15_ChangingTerrain.jpg (3301 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 15

16_Rebuilding.jpg (3193 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 16

17_MythofHealing.jpg (3756 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 17

18_EmergingShield.jpg (3620 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 18

19_MythofStructure.jpg (3335 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 19

20_LengthofaMoment.jpg (1984 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 20

21_LightTrails.jpg (3296 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 21

22_Remnant.jpg (2404 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 22

23_LengthofDaysorHours.jpg (2380 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 23

24_Thesisinstall_6.jpg (3550 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 24

25_Thesisinstall_8.jpg (3121 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 25

26_Thesisinstall_9.jpg (2869 kB)
Exhibition Photograph 26

27_ThesisBrochureFront.doc (2511 kB)
Exhibition Brochure Front

28_ThesisBrochureInside.doc (2030 kB)
Exhibition Brochure Inside

29_ThesisExhibitionPoster_black.doc (2498 kB)
Exhibition Poster

30_ThesisPostcard_front_black.doc (2497 kB)
Exhibition Postcard Front

31_Thesispostcardback.doc (93 kB)
Exhibition Postcard Back

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