Compred to other emotions, there has been a lack of research on disgust as it relates to psychopathology. Of the extant research, disgust has been shown to be implicated in various anxiety disorders and consist of three domains: core, animal-reminder, and contamination disgust. There is evidence that these domains are correlated with disgust-relevant anxiety disorders, and this sensitivity to specific disgust domains have different topographical presentations. This study aims to determine if priming participants with different domain-specific videos (core, animal-reminder, neutral) and then completing a disgust-related behavioral avoidance task that is specific to the core domain, will lead to greater behavioral avoidance to the disgust-related task. The results indicate that those who were exposed to a Domain-Congruent video exhibited greater avoidance and self-reported disgust than those who were exposed to the Domain-Incongruent and Neutral videos. These findings suggest it may be appropriate to add disgust to the exposure paradigm.


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