In this thesis, a new type of substrate integrated waveguide is proposed for implementing E-plane type of waveguide circuits on printed circuit boards. obviously, these E-plane type of circuits cannot be realized by the conventional substrate integrated waveguide. The so-called substrate integrated E-plane waveguide consists of two circuit boards attached to each other. Two copper strips are inserted in between two circuit boards, where plated through holes are penetrated through them along the transmission direction. The plated through holes and copper strips altogether played as side walls of a conventional waveguide to support longitudinal and vertical currents. Simulation is carried out and the result shows that the proposed waveguide is able to guide horizontally polarized electromagnetive wave. An E-plane inductive septa filter, two one-dimensional E-plane offset waveguide filters, and an air-filled evanescent-mode band-pass filter are proposed as examples to prove that E-plane type of circuits are able to be built based on this new synthesized waveguide structure.


Xuanhui Wu

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Qun Zhang

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Han-Way Huang

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Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering and Technology


Science, Engineering and Technology

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