Growing up in a rural environment, you both witness the wonders of the natural world and learn to be resourceful with what you already have. This lesson has had a profound impact on my work as an installation artist whose practice combines mixed media drawing with subjects from nature and daily life. Drawing spider plant (chlorophytum comosum) silhouettes upon legal pad pages then displaying them alongside actual plants—each accumulated to near absurdity—exemplifies the creative impulse behind the work; combining familiar items and imagery into large-scale installations transforms the space they inhabit as well as their ordinary meaning into something extraordinary. Both in color and form, the simultaneity of artifice and authentic establishes an environment in which to immerse the senses. Allowing the audience to move around and within the work affords the opportunity for contemplation. A plant and its shadow reflect that, however banal, there is great value in the mundane items or experiences that occupy daily existence. Emphasizing the deemphasized, the work recognizes and reveals that which is often overlooked—while undoubtedly beautiful, nature is also diligent, unrelenting, and aggressively powerful.


Liz Miller

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Brian Frink

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Brandon Cook

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Thesis Show Card.pub (1096 kB)
Thesis Show Card

1.JPG (1858 kB)
Installation View

2.JPG (1719 kB)
Floor Cup Detail

3.JPG (1846 kB)
Cup & Shadow Detail

4.JPG (1844 kB)
String Detail

5.JPG (1740 kB)
Plant Detail

6.JPG (1745 kB)
Installation View

7.JPG (1762 kB)
Installation View

8.JPG (2168 kB)

9.JPG (1954 kB)
Installation View

10.JPG (2097 kB)

11.JPG (1737 kB)
Installation View

12.JPG (1990 kB)
Installation View

13.JPG (1733 kB)
Interior Installation View

14.JPG (2053 kB)
Plant Screen Detail

15.JPG (1676 kB)
Mature Plant Detail

16.JPG (1889 kB)
Drawing & Shadow Detail

17.JPG (2074 kB)

18.JPG (2106 kB)

19.JPG (2139 kB)

20.JPG (1757 kB)

21.JPG (1555 kB)

22.JPG (1496 kB)
Cup and Shadow Detail

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