This collection contains scholarly articles, reports and other publications authored by faculty members in the Department of Biochemistry, Chemistry & Geology at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Submissions from 2014

Synthesis, characterization and electrical properties of Pb(8-x)Na2Ndx(Vo4)6O(x/2) solid solutions, Eugeni I. Get’man, Tatiana M. Savankova, Alexey V. Ignatov, K. G. Didorenko, A. Y. Talykova, and Lyudmyla I. Ardanova


Synthesis, Crystal Structure Refinement, and Electrical Conductivity of Pb(8−x)Na2Smx(VO4)6O(x/2), Tatiana M. Savankova, Lev G. Akselrud, Lyudmyla I. Ardanova, Alexey V. Ignatov, Eugeni I. Get’man, Roman E. Gladyshevskii, and Stanislav N. Loboda

Submissions from 2013


Sol-Gel Synthesis, X-Ray Diffraction Studies and Electric Conductivity of Sodium Europium Silicate, Ekaterina V. Borisova, Alexey V. Ignatov, Eugeni I. Get’man, Stanislav N. Loboda, Lyudmyla I. Ardanova, Lyudmila V. Pasechnik, and Vitaly S. Ponurovsky

Submissions from 2010


Isomorphous Substitutions of Rare Earth Elements for Calcium in Synthetic Hydroxyapatites, Lyudmyla I. Ardanova, Eugeni I. Get’man, Stanislav N. Loboda, Vadim V. Prisedsky, Tatiana V. Tkachenko, Valeriy I. Marchenko, Valeriy P. Antonovich, Nataliya A. Chivireva, Konstantin A. Chebishev, and Alexandra S. Lyashenko