Concentrations of Selected Vitamins and Selenium in Bison Cuts

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We analyzed individual cuts from clod (Triceps brachii), ribeye (Longissimus thoracis), top round (semimembranosus), and top sirloin (Gluteus medius) from 12 fed bison bulls for content of selected vitamins and selenium. The bulls came from producers in the United States and Canada and had consumed concentrate diets plus hay free choice for at least 180 d. The mean nutrient concentrations of all of the bison cuts combined were as follows (per 100 grams of wet weight): .045 mg thiamin, .253 mg vitamin B6, 2.131 microg vitamin B12, no detectable vitamin C, .848 microg vitamin A, .047 mg alpha-tocopherol, .013 mg tau-tocopherol, and 25.464 microg selenium. The nutrient content values did not differ (P > .05) among the cuts of meat. Cuts from individual bulls were different (P < .05) with regard to alpha- and tau-tocopherols, selenium, and vitamin A but not with regard to thiamin, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12. Nutrient concentrations, with the exception of one nutrient, of five bison from the same producer were similar. Great variation was observed between the alpha- and tau-tocopherols, selenium, and vitamin A contents among bison bulls but not among cuts of meat.


Chemistry and Geology

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Journal of Animal Science