The Influence of Conformity Orientation on Communication Patterns in Family Conversations

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Communication Studies


Two studies investigated the role of conformity orientation in family communication. Conversations of 31 families (Study 1) and 50 families (Study 2) were analyzed employing Stiles (1992) Verbal Response Mode coding scheme to test 5 hypotheses regarding the influence of conformity orientation on the frequency of specific speech acts. Analysis of 12,520 (Study 1) and 17,724 (Study 2) speech acts showed statistically significant differences in the speech production of families low and families high in conformity orientation during family conversation. Specifically, families high in conformity orientation were more self-oriented, particularly in their frame of reference, and used relatively more advice, interpretation, and questions in their conversations. Families low in conformity orientation were more other-oriented in their speech and used relatively more confirmation, acknowledgment, and reflection in their conversations.

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Journal of Family Communication