The College of Science, Engineering, &Technology at Minnesota State Mankato prepares you to solve problems and succeed in your chosen career by providing academic challenges to apply what you’ve learned.


As educational leaders in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), our accessible faculty advances student scholarship through innovative teaching, research expertise, and the exploration of new technologies and ideas. We prepare our students for professional careers and advanced study, while connecting with local, regional and global communities.


We strive to provide a mentored educational experience to every student in our college, develop the most qualified engineers, scientists and STEM teachers, and establish our college as the preferred Master's degree provider in Minnesota.


· Solutions – Seek solutions by promoting quantitative, technological and analytical solutions that focus on regional issues with global connections.

· Teaching – Transform teaching and learning by encouraging advanced engaging teaching methods, classrooms and laboratories guided by effective assessment of student learning.

· Exploration – Explore and enrich new and existing programs and scholarly initiatives.

· Mentorship – Model mentorship providing a mentored educational experience to every student in the college.


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