This piece was written in late July 2020. Stay-at-home orders had been lifted a couple months prior in Minnesota, but both the state and the country were seeing a steep rise in COVID-19 infections. No viable vaccine was on the horizon.

I wanted to play with chronology in this piece. Spending fourteen months inside the same set of walls makes both time – and memory – slippery. Hard to wrestle into a recognizable shape. So the events of these two days are told in a chronological jumble that more closely resembles how I recall events of the last year. And while Zoom, in its pandemic ubiquity, doesn’t make an appearance, the electronic communication channels – texting, social media – that we all leaned on even more than usual in our year of isolation play a central role here. Hopefully this piece serves as a tiny record of the communication strategies and rocky interpersonal contexts so many of us navigated in the pandemic.