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This literature review explores how the academic libraries reach out to the distance learning students using current technology and advanced reference practices. Academic libraries have had to struggle to maintain relevancy as the number of online classes has exploded in the past 10 to 15 years. The move online with both classes and classroom tools has created a new breed of student. Not only are there students who are online and not geographically close to the college campus, but they are also now online in the dorm rooms, on campus, or close by at their favorite coffee shop.

One way that libraries have managed to connect to online users is by meeting them on the internet. Academic libraries are experienced in being “early adopters” of technology and have shown great strides in using certain tools, such as chat and tutorial software, to interact with their online users. Emphasis is placed on literature using three main techniques: efforts to integrate libraries into online classes, the perception of online reference by students, and the development of online tutorials for library resources. The author also looks at how academic libraries market themselves to the distance learning student. Often online students were either unaware of the library existing online or did not realize that the resources were available to them.

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Jennifer Veltsos


Master of Arts in English, Technical Communication Option

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