With the rising energy consumption and environment destruction problems worldwide, the development of renewable energy and energy recapture methods to improve the energy utilization rate has become more important as two of the most efficient processes to solve those problems. Bidirectional AC/DC converter and its modulation strategies are widely used as the essential part of implementing bidirectional power conversion between power grid and energy storage systems. To improve the efficiency and accuracy of the power conversion within AC/DC converters, a stable, robust power flow control system with quick response and disturbance rejection ability is desired. This thesis proposes a model-free adaptive power flow control system based on a single-stage dual-active-bridge-based (DAB Based) AC/DC converter system with single H-bridge phase shift modulation (SHBM). The working states of DAB AC/DC converter under SHBM and implementation process of Compact-Form Dynamic Linearization Model-Free Adaptive Control (CFDL-MFAC) are presented to build the structure of the control system. Implementation details such as controller parameters, evaluation indexes etc. are discussed. Effectiveness and stability of this power flow control system are validated by simulation experimental results. Compared with the commonly used PID power flow control system, the proposed system has quicker response time for the continuous power changes, better control performance and stronger disturbance rejection capability.


Vincent Winstead

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