Reading skills are important for students' academic success. Phonics specifically is a foundational skill which is necessary for reading fluency and overall reading proficiency. Additional support outside of the classroom can be beneficial for those struggling and at-risk. There are various strategies and interventions that can help students' gain important academic skills. In addition to various reading skills and interventions, parents and caregivers can help implement interventions within the home setting to support students in their academic growth. Overall, the research has documented the effectiveness of reading intervention delivered by parents and caregivers, but there is little research on caregiver implemented phonics interventions. The current study used a multiple probe design across materials to examine the effectiveness of a phonics interventions implemented by parents of four 2nd grade students struggling with phonics skills. Results of this study demonstrated that parents can effectively implement a phonics intervention to increase students' decoding of words including practiced sounds. The intervention was also effective in students decoding all sounds. Finally, it was acceptable to both parents and students. Additional research investigating phonics interventions is needed with a variety of individuals to determine the effects of parent delivered interventions.


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