My work is about the interest of communication and visual story telling through the mediums of drawing and painting. This comes from my earliest artistic education through comics. My exposure to comics has informed my decisions on composition and visual language. The reason why I chose to work with this in mind is because I see a general lack of this sort of visual storytelling in contemporary art. The process of telling stories through visual media is something that had been done for millennia. Through my work I wish to take this issue and utilize it to a contemporary viewer. The process of making my works comes about in small moments with a sketchbook and some form of pencil or crayon. From here I work these thoughts into a multitude of largescale paintings and drawings through more finalizing materials such as pastels and paints.

The works shown here primarily come from two different thoughts when communicating with the viewer. The main paintings are from my interest in Greek Mythology, commonly a source for storytelling from historical western painting. I wanted to understand moments of a larger story. As well as my own interest in combining the past 100 years of figurative art with the storytelling of the previous millennia. The colored pencil drawings come from a questioning of the function of titles in 2d media. After getting sick of painters calling their work “untitled” I wanted to explore my own form of crass poetry alongside my drawings. And finally, I wanted to play with the space by placing a linocut print in a secluded corner. Showing my own dark fear of the times we live in.


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