The purpose of this research was to further explore university students' recognition of instances of intimate partner violence and their attitudes toward this issue. A total of 382 male and female university students from a mid-sized public university participated in the survey. Findings show that 97% of participants were able to accurately identify the scenario that did not depict intimate partner violence, however rates of recognition ranged from 51% to 90% for scenarios that did depict IPV. Through an independent t-test, this research found that there was a significant difference when comparing male and female students' ability to accurately recognize scenarios of intimate partner violence. Female participants were more likely to accurately identify scenarios, compared to male participants. This research found that negative attitudes toward intimate partner violence were common among participants, at least 75% of participants disagreed to all statements that depicted abusive and violent behaviors. Sixty-two percent of participants believed that their specific university had resources available for victims of IPV, however 63% of participants were unable to identify any of those resources.


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