Teachers face a growing number behavior challenges that effect the delivery of classroom instruction (Center for Effective Collaboration and Practice , n.d). This affects how the teacher teaches and how the other students learn. Disruptions in the classroom force teachers to direct their attention to that student resulting in less time teaching. School wide programs help school staff develop expectations for behavior and allows for a common language amongst all staff and students. There are many school wide programs that claim to make behaviors decrease. It can be very cumbersome and time consuming for schools to go through all of them and select a program that will meet all of their needs. In addition to being time consuming the programs are often very expensive. The purpose of this project is to review and recommend an appropriate intervention for Roosevelt Elementary School using needs identified by the school principal and teacher reports. Roosevelt Elementary School determined that a program must be implemented in order to deal with the behaviors in the classroom. The classrooms are large and it becomes increasingly difficult to manage classroom behavior. Not only are there concerns with classrooms but also hallways, playground and lunchroom behavior has been a source of misbehavior. Roosevelt Elementary school is undergoing implementation of Response to Intervention. This is a three tier program that accommodates children’s needs and identifies interventions that will help children succeed academically and behaviorally. The principal and social worker discussed a continued need for programming that addresses behavior issues in the school. They discussed that having a common language and school wide expectations were two criteria that would be beneficial when looking for a program. We also wanted a program that would be included social skills. Another important component was that it needed to align with RTI. This was important because teachers were already undergoing a transition with RTI and it was important for the program to helpful and not burdensome to school staff.


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