Right now there is a lack of professional and community knowledge regarding the services LLMHS provides to those over age 65. Thus, there are elderly who are in need of help who are not getting connected to a county long term care social worker. The elderly may need help to simply get connected to resources, have questions answered, correct misconceptions about long term care, get recommendations, or assistance paying for home and community based services. There are also many providers and professionals with questions about what LLMHS does and does not do as well as what the assistance programs can provide. Since professionals, elderly, families of elderly, and the general community lack knowledge of what LLMHS can offer and how they can get connected to the county, there is a social problem that exists in this area. Currently there is no program through the county which addresses that lack of cohesiveness between providers, elderly, and LLMHS. By creating an evidence-based educational outreach program, LLMHS will receive more referrals and will receive the referrals sooner.


Robin Wingo

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