Stroke is shown to be a significant U.S. health problem with a profound impact on the nation’s rising healthcare costs (Hall, Levant, & DeFrances, 2012). Longer patient length-of-stay [LOS] and higher re-admission rates have brought consequences to healthcare systems as institutional budgets are unable to reconcile the additional services and the influx of healthcare demands. Through a comprehensive literature review, the author illustrates the general knowledge available on the stroke experience, on stroke care and rehabilitation, and on patient LOS and re-admission rates. The literature review is based on general medical research with a focus on the stroke population. The objectives of the literature review were: (1) to explore the patient and family experience of stroke, (2) to assess stroke rehabilitation services and the recovery process, (3) to evaluate LOS and re-admission rates associated with this population, and (4) to explore areas for improved practice and implications for social work intervention.


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