Filtering and estimation are two important tools of engineering. Whenever the state of the system needs to be estimated from the noisy sensor measurements, some kind of state estimator is used. If the dynamics of the system and observation model are linear under Gaussian conditions, the root mean squared error can be computed using the Kalman Filter. But practically, noise frequently enters the system as not strictly Gaussian. Therefore, the Kalman Filter does not necessarily provide the better estimate. Hence the estimation of the nonlinear system under non-Gaussian or quasi-Gaussian noise is of an acute interest. There are many versions of the Kalman filter such as the Extended Kalman filter, the Unscented Kalman filter, the Ensemble Kalman filter, the Particle filter, etc., each having their own disadvantages. In this thesis work I used a bridging strategy between the Ensemble Kalman filter and Particle filter called an Ensemble Kalman Particle filter. This filter works well in nonlinear system and non-Gaussian measurements as well. I analyzed this filter using MATLAB simulation and also applied Gaussian Noise, non-zero mean Gaussian Noise, quasi-Gaussian noise (with drift), random walk and Laplacian Noise. I applied these noises and compared the performances of the Particle filter and the Ensemble Kalman Particle filter in the presence of linear and nonlinear observations which leads to the conclusion that the Ensemble Kalman Particle filter yields the minimum error estimate. I also found the optimum value for the tuning parameter which is used to bridge the two filters using Monte Carlo Simulation.


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