Manufacturing industries with complex production systems are struggling with designing optimal process to increase throughput. Companies will require high amount of labor and process improvement resources to sustain growth and delivery quality products to its customers. A chain of value added activities when designed and deployed with help of lean based methodologies can create high efficiency process. In this paper we have studies and implemented value added process based on the lean manufacturing methodologies which was adapted on the shop floor.

In many traditional truck body production industries have facing many problems like low production rate, big lead times, material flow issues, nonlinear layout, late customer delivery and low quality. To address this problems, a mythology has been designed with implementing process techniques for low efficiency work stations.

This study and implementation is conducted in crucial bottle neck areas. Tools used to conduct this study are time analysis, motion analysis, Standard working procedure (SWP), value stream analysis, 5S, Value layout, and bottleneck analysis. The value process implementation has converted production of two truck per day to three truck per day. Increase in production rate, quality and customer delivery have been witness when process is implemented and sustained.


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