In this thesis, a new type of Substrate Integrated Waveguide for Horn Antennas is proposed for implementing circularly polarization on printed circuit boards. E-plane type of circuits cannot be realized by the conventional substrate integrated waveguide. Substrate integrated E-plane waveguide consists of two circuit boards attached to each other by the two copper strips which are inserted in between two circuit boards, where plated through holes are penetrated through them along the transmission direction. The plated through holes and copper strips altogether played as side walls of a conventional waveguide to support longitudinal and vertical currents. Circular Polarization has its advantages over linear polarization and it is widely implemented in many industries. Circular Polarization needs to have two fields orthogonal to each other and this novel structure is designed in a way such that it uses the concept of Substrate Integrated E-plane waveguide concept and actuates the two fields with single excitation and they will achieve orthogonality along the direction of propagation. First design achieves LHCP (Left Hand Circularly Polarized Wave) and in the second design, a polarizer has been modeled which introduces further phase delay between the two fields such that RHCP (Right Hand Circularly Polarized Wave) is achieved. This research has been leveraged by using HFSS ANSYS modelling and simulation software.


Xuanhui Wu

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Puteri Megat S Hamari

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