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Jessica Ortis is from Mora, MN and majoring in Art History. Her plans are to get her undergrad degree from Minnesota State University in Mankato and she is hoping to pursue her graduate degree from the University of Minnesota in the Twin Cities. Currently, she is in her senior year and working on her senior thesis with mentor Alisa Eimen.

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Alisa Eimen

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Arts and Humanities


Ever since the beginning of time, artists have been inspired by the religion they choose to follow. Sometimes religion was the subject, but more often than not, one had to really dig deeper into a work of art to understand the religious meaning. In my paper, I focused on contemporary Chinese artist Song Dong, who uses his artistic abilities to reflect the ideals of Daoism. Focusing on a couple of more well known works by Song Dong, one can see that he shows how one is able to move down the path to lead a more full life through the Dao. In this paper, I took my discussion along the path of the major themes of Daoism, relating it back to a piece from the Han era of China, and then related all of this to Song Dong’s pieces and provided one with the inevitable fact of how religion, whether intentional or not, can influence a work of art.

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