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Social and Behavioral Sciences

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My name is Yaro Sadek Tahirou. I am originally from Togo, a country situated in West Africa. I started my college career in 2010 at Suffolk University in Senegal (Dakar) and joined MSU (Mankato) in 2011. I am currently a senior majoring in International Relations with a double minor in Political Science and Economics, and a certificate in Non-Profit Leadership. The next step in my professional career is to earn a master in Information Technology Management due to the passion that I have for technology.

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Abdalla Battah

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


During the East Asian Financial crisis in particular, the IMF has been criticized of promoting international cooperation because of the supervised enforcement of its rules. The purpose of this research is to find out how the IMF responded to the East Asian debt crisis and whether or not its responses were the best possible responses to this crisis. Through my research, I talked about the causes of the East Asian financial crisis, the role of the IMF in the international monetary system, and if the IMF responses to Thailand, South Korea and Indonesia were the best responses or not. After analyzing the IMF responses in this crisis, I found that the IMF policies need to be reformed in order to monitor and prevent future financial crises spill-over effects at the global and regional levels. I will analyzed 5 scholarly journals on the financial crisis in East Asia, 3 scholarly articles on the role of IMF in the East Asia financial crisis, and 1 novel called POLITICS IN SOUTHEAST ASIA DEMOCRACY OR LESS by William Case.

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