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Science, Engineering and Technology

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April Boucher-Zamzo. College of Science, Engineering, and Technology. Department of Biological Sciences, Toxicology.

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Dakota is from the village of Clinton, WI and recently graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato with a Bachelor's of Science degree in Biology. He plans on pursuing a PhD degree in Virology and working of the Division of High-Consequence Pathogens and Pathology at the Center for Disease Control. April earned an associates degree in Biology and an associates degree in Biotechnology from Minneapolis Community Technical College, Minneapolis, MN. April will obtain a Bachelor's of Science in Biology with a Toxicology focus in 2018. She will be earning a PhD in Pharmacology/Toxicology in graduate school.

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Steven Mercurio

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Biological Sciences

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Science, Engineering and Technology


Herbal medications have no indications of interactions with alcohol on their labels. There has been at least one clinical finding that saw palmetto with active ingredient beta-sitosterol used for enlarged male prostates caused pancreatic damage. This study with 20 male mice hypothesized that ethanol would increase the toxicity of beta-sitosterol. It was found that mice dosed by gavage with 0.1 ml of 95 proof ethanol died starting at the second dose and increased to 100% by the sixth dose (unexpected based on literature). 60-microgram injections of beta-sitosterol prevented deaths in 80% of the mice past the sixth dose opposite to what was expected. Beta-sitosterol failed to protect the liver, enlarged the pancreas and protected the kidneys from ethanol induced damage.

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