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Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Jannine Ray - School Psychology Graduate Student

Carrington Riss - School Psychology Graduate Student

Ashlee Lundberg - School Psychology Graduate Student

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I grew up in the small, rural farming community of Buffalo Lake, Minnesota. I am a double major in Psychology and Business Management. With this, I am eager to begin a professional career in Human Resources; as well as attend graduate school to attain my MBA.

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Shawna Petersen-Brown

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Social and Behavioral Sciences


In order to promote quality instruction and maximized student learning, it is essential for schools to integrate the most practical, effective, and efficient teaching methods into the curriculum. The purpose of this research was to investigate the effect of various spacing patterns between practice sessions on retention of information. This study investigated the effects of practice at consistent intervals (spaced practice), practice at increasing intervals (expanded practice), and no practice. Participants were taught a set of eight unknown math words and definitions using incremental rehearsal (IR). After the teaching session, students in expanded and spaced practice conditions participated in three practice opportunities corresponding to their assigned condition. Retention of words and definitions was measured after 4 weeks across all three conditions.

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