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Communication Studies

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Arts and Humanities

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Joseph C. Mohrfeld is a senior Philosophy and Speech Communications student at MSU, Mankato. A Ronald E. McNair Post Baccalaureate Achievement Program Scholar, he has completed his most recent research project “Accepting the Absurd”, a defense of S. Kierkegaard’s teleological suspension of the ethical, primarily from Fear and Trembling, and will present the research at the Ronald E. McNair summer research conference in July 2004. Mohrfeld was invited and inducted into Phi Kappa Phi national honor society and Golden Key national honor society during his junior year. In the following year Mohrfeld will be conducting research involving environmental ethics under the guidance of Dr. Richard Liebendorfer, MSU Philosophy department chair. Mohrfeld will also be researching the works of S. Kierkegaard under the guidance of Dr. Craig Mataresse, professor of philosophy at MSU, and will present his research at the 2005 URC.

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James Dimock

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Communication Studies

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Arts and Humanities


In the fall of 2003 a riot occurred very near the Minnesota State University, Mankato campus and in its aftermath many different narratives emerged describing the events. Using Kenneth Burke's pentad, this project examines those narratives in order to discover how different groups construct their accounts and which narrative elements different groups emphasize. By understanding how the narrative accounts given by these agents are influenced by their situation, the research allows us to see how riots emerge out of tensions within the conflicting productive contexts.

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