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8:01 PM

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Arts and Humanities

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Jake Hjelmtveit is a student in the Department of English at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Richard Robbins

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Arts and Humanities

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Hans Hetrick


Jake Hjelmtveit's short story 8:01 PM was written as part of a creative writing group using the theme of Moving On. For our group, Moving On represented the emotional weight in fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Moving On implies change, and all good prose and verse possess change. As creative writers, we explored this theme through subjects ranging from the death of a loved one to loss of one’s faith. By focusing on our theme, we examined our own lives and improved our creative writing skills. We attained our goals through observation, discussion, information gathering, writing, and revision of creative work. We met frequently to discuss our work and ideas. We strove to bring each individual piece to a publishable quality and plan to submit our works for publication. In the hopes that others will gain from our awareness, we plan to present our writing at the conference, individually reading our work to the audience.

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