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Lisa M. Meyer is currently pursuing a master's degree in School Counseling and is Rule 25 certified by the State of Minnesota to perform Chemical Dependency Assessments. Earlier experience has included writing a proposal which was funded in the amount of $12,432 for the Undergraduate Research Conference at Minnesota State University, Mankato, serving on a grant writing team that was funded in the amount of $1,100,000 for a McNair Scholars Program at Minnesota State University, Mankato, providing assistance with Early Childhood Special Education, providing care to children in a home day care, and served as Vice President on the Lake Crystal Wellcome Memorial Athletic Boosters and as a member of the Dakota County Child Abuse Prevention Board.

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John W. Seymour

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Counseling and Student Personnel

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Around the world suicide has caused more deaths per year than homicide or war (World Health Organization, 2002). Suicidal attempts (the person survives) and suicidal ideation (thinking seriously about suicide) are others dimensions of the suicide phenomenon. A number of risk factors have been considered as factors contributing to the increased likelihood of suicidal ideation, attempts, and completions. Sociological (external) factors and psychological (internal) factors have been considered in increasing suicidal risk. Beyond the individual factors research has also explained the family, social, and community aspects of the suicidal phenomenon. Helping professionals planning suicide intervention and prevention strategies need to be aware of both the myths and misperceptions of the suicide phenomenon, as well as research based risk factors.

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