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Rachel Goodloe is going into her senior year at Minnesota State University, Mankato. Rachel completed her first two years of college at North Hennepin Community College as a post-secondary student in high school, before attending MSU in the fall of 2003. She studied in France and Ecuador in 2004 through MSU study abroad programs. During her stay in Ecuador, Rachel became involved with the local school through the church that she attended. She conducted research in the schools throughout Cuenca and is interested in continuing this study in the future. Currently Rachel is involved in Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, Spanish Club, French Club, Alpha Mu Gamma, and is a presidential scholar. She will graduate from MSU in May, 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Teaching degree and plans to pursue a teaching position in a secondary setting in the field of Spanish or French.

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Kimberly Contag

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World Languages and Cultures

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Arts and Humanities


Cuenca, the third largest city in Ecuador, offers both public and private education to its citizens. The value that has been placed upon each system varies from person to person. Therefore, I set out to learn more about the benefits, disadvantages, and overall differences between the two systems. I traveled to Cuenca for a site visit to public and private schools and interviewed teachers in the two systems. The observations I made and the results of the interviews changed my opinions and preconceived notions about what I thought education would be like in Cuenca. The results of this study pointed to the advantages and disadvantages, perceptions concerning lack of funding, parental support, adequate facilities, student-instructor ratio and relationships, student success, and learning outcomes. My research focused on my site visit, observations, and interviews with people who are within the education system in Cuenca.

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