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Computer Information Science

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Science, Engineering and Technology

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Ben Sandmann is a senior majoring in computer and information sciences with a minor in biology. After graduating from Cedar Mountain High School in Morgan, MN, he furthered his studies by enrolling at Minnesota State University, Mankato in the fall of 2002. Since then he has received several academic-based scholarships including the Federated Insurance Scholarship, the Department of Computer and Information Sciences scholarship, and the College of Science, Engineering and Technology scholarship. He was also a Who’s Who Among Students in American Universities nominee and was awarded a Minnesota State University, Mankato Foundation Research Grant for this project. Ben is also active on campus having been a member and president of the local ACM chapter, a participant in intramural sports, a member of the lacrosse club team, and a presenter at several on campus presentations. He is currently completing his second internship with IBM, and will be graduating in the fall 2006. After graduation he plans on either attending graduate school or beginning his career in the fields of bioinformatics or software engineering. His hobbies include playing sports, working out, spending time with family and friends, hunting, and anything within the field of computer science.

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Ann Quade

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Computer Information Science

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Science, Engineering and Technology


Research on algorithms and concepts regarding memory-based data caching can help solve the performance bottleneck in current Database Management Systems. Problems such as data concurrency, persistent storage, and transaction management have limited most memory cache’s capabilities. It has also been tough to develop a proper user- oriented and business friendly way of implementing such a system. The research of this project focused on code implementation, abstract methodologies and how to best prepare such an application for common business usage.

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