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Mathematics and Statistics

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Science, Engineering and Technology

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Chad Vidden is a senior undergraduate student at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He is majoring in Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. Chad is active in numerous clubs and honors societies on campus including being and officer of the Math and Honors Clubs. After graduation in May of 2007, he will be beginning the Applied Mathematics PhD program at Iowa State University. After earning a graduate degree, Chad hopes to teach as a university and conducting further research.

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Namyong Lee

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Mathematics and Statistics

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Science, Engineering and Technology


Population ecology is concerned with the growth and decay of specific populations. This field has a variety of applications ranging from evolution and survival at the environmental level to the spread of infectious disease at the cellular and molecular levels. Many ecological circumstances require the use of mathematical methods and reasoning in order to acquire better knowledge of the issue at hand. This study considered and analyzed multiple different mathematical models of population dynamics along with their purposes. This foundation was then applied in order to explore the migration of populations from one isolated region to another along with the relationships that those populations have. The following research paper presents the theoretical base, analysis, and specific simulations of this study along with application. The study resulted in a complete classification and analysis of an existing Ecological model with migration added along with proven coexistence with a given migration-selection model.

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