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This Modern Life

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Nathan Klein was a student in the Department of English at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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Richard Robbins

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Arts and Humanities

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Dodie Miller


For our project, group members explored the theme This Modern Life in its varied interpretations through fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. For my project, the theme This Modern Life was addressed through poetry. The piece I wrote was influenced by my own personal reflections in relation to what this current life has imprinted into me. As a theme, This Modern Life implies little, it left me open to consider contrasting and comparing with other ages, or simply to describe things as they currently are. Since I do not have first hand experience of what I would consider a past "age", I choose to write on how things are now. I took it on an individual level as I felt that the "This" in the title was accurately pointing to something specific, and since I know me best I wrote about my personal perspectives because I thought I would stay consistent with the notion of writing about what is most familiar to me is best. My goal was to inscribe perspectives onto the reader that they may not have come to yet, and show the value of the given view. I accomplished this by searching deep within myself to come up with what I felt was of a highly original quality, and still cohesive and with a strong relativity to everyone's life. The workshops with peers were something added to the result I came up with.

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