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Mathematics and Statistics

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Science, Engineering and Technology

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Eric Hanson is a student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at Minnesota State University, Mankato.

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In-Jae Kim

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Mathematics and Statistics

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Science, Engineering and Technology


Sign-solvable linear systems are part of a branch of mathematics called qualitative matrix theory. Qualitative matrix theory is a development of matrix theory based on the sign (¡; 0; +) of the entries of a matrix. Sign-solvable linear systems are useful in analyzing situations in which quantitative data is unknown or had to measure, but qualitative information is known. These situations arise frequently in a variety of disciplines outside of mathematics, including economics and biology. The applications of sign-solvable linear systems in economics are documented and the development of new examples is formalized mathematically. Additionally, recent mathematical developments about sign-solvable linear systems and their implications to economics are discussed.

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