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David Oppegaard

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2-15-2016 3:30 PM


Geoff Herbach

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Lisa Baures

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Library Services and the Department of English in partnership with Mankato East High School Library Media Services.

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Library Services and Maverick Visual Productions/Information and Technology Services


Come and delve into David Oppegaard's most recent young adult book entitled The Firebug of Balrog County. Although his previous novels have been described as "a blend of science fiction, literary fiction, horror, and fantasy," the themes in this book are more true to life -- death, grief, love, and legends as explored from the perspective of an adolescent boy growing up in a small town. Whether or not you have read the book, don't miss this opportunity to meet the author. The event is scheduled for Monday, February 15th at 3:30 p.m. to be held at Mankato East High School in the Library Media Center.

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