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Department of Social Work, Minnesota State University, Mankato

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Policy Advocacy Brief

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Issue Statement/Executive Summary

There are currently 12,167 children in foster care in Minnesota and 32% experienced multiple placements in 2014. Many children are entering foster care due to concerns of child behavior, parental chemical use, or allegations of maltreatment. After an often unexpected separation from their family, children are then expected to adapt to a new foster family with a new set of family norms and rules. Many children are moved between multiple foster homes, or are returned to their caregivers only to be placed back in foster care at a later time. In the wake of media reports revealing stories of child mortality due to abuse and neglect, Governor Dayton issued an executive order for a Task Force to examine pre-court protections protocols, screening, family assessment, resources to provide adequate services, and supervisory oversight to the child protection system. What was left out of the executive order was what happens to children following pre-court protection and long-term impacts of children within Minnesota’s child welfare system.


Social Work



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