Perspective on Individual Events: Proceedings of the First Developmental Conference on Individual Events

A Rationale for Events to be Included in all I.E. Competitions

Administrative Support/Publicities

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Conference Schedules


Conference Schedule
Larry Schnoor and Vicki Karns

Creative Events/Original Events

Ethical Questions for Coaches/Competitors

High School/College Connection in I.E.

List of Attendees


Conference Participants
Larry Schnoor and Vicki Karns

Role of Graduate Assistants in the I.E. Program


Training Forensic Graduate Assistants: A Development Course
Regina A. Kostoff and Suzanne M. McKeever

Role of Research in Individual Events


Bruce B. Manchester

Standards for Evaluating/Judging

Table of Contents

Tournament Management Practices


Forensic Tournament Management via Computer Program
Virginia Fish, Cathy Marine, Charlotte Patrick, and James Riley


Integrating Wellness and Forensics: Tournament Management as a Starting Point
Susan Rickey Hatfield, Timothy L. Hatfield, and Cynthia Carver

Uses of Workshops for Training Judges