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In the proceedings for both the first and second developmental conferences on forensics, a number of issues were raised regarding administrative support or lack thereof for forensic programs. Six of the topics discussed in those proceedings are appropriate to the focus of this paper regarding administrative support and publicity: (1) Administrative support needs to be cultivated through enhanced awareness of forensic programs and their benefits for students (McBath, 13; Parson, 42); (2) the forensic community must work together to promote the activity (Parson, 48); (3) professional organizations must serve their members in a variety of ways (Parson, 39); (4) additional research should be done to determine the levels of support for forensic activities that currently exist among chief administrative officials (McBath, 13, 19); (5) increased attention must be given to programs that cultivate support for forensics at the "grass roots" (i.e., elementary) level (McBath, 19; Parson, 39); and (6) forensic educators need to do a better job of helping administrators to understand the unique "creative" dimension of the activity (Parson, 95). Each of these areas reflected the need for an additional developmental conference, as was called for in the first conference (McBath, 46), to provide a forum for the discussion of aspects unique to individual events programs. This paper will address each of these areas and provide suggestions in the form of resolutions for the attention of the work group on Administrative Support/Publicity.

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