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Ethical Questions for Coaches/Competitors


Our conceptions of honesty, decency, and integrity determine who and what we are. We should ask exactly what is our concept of "right" and "wrong." As we can seldom circumvent the level of our skills, talents, or conscience, our decisions and conduct are the product of moral reference. It is suggested that education and training are the means to earn what is wanted from life, therefore, the educated man, at least ideally, doesn't have the temptation to cheat or steal. Further, it has been said, "One need not be as worried about the multiplication of sinners as with the disappearance of sin." The standards of any discipline were all once black and white, which was positive because it was easy to make "right" judgments. However, due to the growing complexity of all disciplines, forensics being no exception, there is a need for a revival in moral integrity. We must convince ourselves

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