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Ethical Questions for Coaches/Competitors


Should the speech writing process be a completely collaborative effort between coach and student? Should an oral interpretation selection used successfully by one student be filed away and given to another student for competition two or three years later? If any of these situations sound familiar to you, it is probably because you are an individual events (IE) coach. Often as IE coaches, we are called upon to answer questions, like the ones above, that may not have one right answer. Questions like these, bring up issues of ethical standards. As an IE coach, I find it is most difficult to decide how I feel about ethics when it concerns the input a coach should have in the preparation of individual events. Although the help offered by an IE coach may be offered with the best of intentions, it may be too helpful if not slightly unethical. Yet it is nearly impossible to recognize when the encouragement, suggestions, or assistance offered be an IE coach become too helpful. So where is the magical line between too much input and not enough? How do we know when coaching behaviors are ethical and when do they become unethical? By examining the reasons why an IE coach might extend more help than is necessary and then, look at the effects that too much coaching could have on an IE program, we can then consider some suggestions that could be helpful in showing us how to do more good by doing less.

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