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The issue of the use of original material in interpretation events has been informally debated by the Forensics community for years. Anyone who has taken part in these discussions is aware of both the diversity and intensity of questions held by Forensics coaches, judges, and students. The great scarcity of tournament policies toward the use of original material, the nearly total lack of previous research in this area, and the apparent increase in the use of original material all highlight a growing need for the Forensics community to familiarize itself with the complexities of this issue. The importance of consistency in judging and coaching philosophies is obvious. Whether we choose to condemn or condone the use of original material, our decision must be an informed one. However, before policies can be set we need a forum for the expression of those affected by the policy. This survey attempts to provide that forum.

The.argument over original material often begins with an attempt to define the nature of the beast. The term conjures slightly different images for all. For the purposes of this paper, original material is defined as "any work of prose, poetry or dramatic literature written by a student competitor or for a student competitor specifically for use in competition." We do not present this as the consummate definition. Rather, it is offered as a concrete starting point to guide our handling of this issue. Indeed, in a broader sense, this survey is intended to offer a concrete starting point for discussion by offering tournament directors, national organizations, and the Forensics community at large an idea of how most feel about this issue.

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