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Role of Research in Individual Events


The role of research in forensics is a wide and varied one. As with most social science research methods, the trend in forensics has turned from primarily case study/observational research to a mass of empirical data. Our quantitative studies have many problems from sample and questionnaire design to inappropriate or inaccurate statistical analysis. One of the basic reasons that these problems abound is that non-researchers are assigned the task of research. While it would be impossible to tackle all of the problems in the quantitative surveys done in the field of forensics, one of the best ways to improve the overall analysis of any given study would be a better exploration of.the qualitative side of our quantitative studies through the use of open-end questions. After defining a few relevant terms we must explore the need for open-end questions in all forensic surveys and then we must examine when to use open end questions,how to properly write an open-end question and finally how to analyze the data received from both a qualitative and quantitative perspective.

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