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"Uneasy alliance" is a phrase often used by news writers to capture the essence of a relationship between two dissimilar groups with a similar vested interest The forensic community, although not a frequent subject of news writers, nevertheless also suffers from a sort of uneasy alliance. This relationship is that between individual events and debate.

Even though both activities arise from Greek roots few would argue that, in general, the participants and coaches in the two activities as well as the activities themselves are quite different. Exceptions certainly do exist, but few programs provide a strong commitment to both activities and even fewer students participate in both. Rather than bemoan the differences between debate and individual events and risk increasing the already worrisome alienation between the two camps, we should strive for strategies that bring the two closer together. The results would benefit students, coaches and the forensic community. Thus, the aim of this paper is to first identify the differences between the two activities and then to propose some creative events for individual events tournaments that are rooted in debate.

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