Reducing Digital Storytelling Implementation Barriers in Nursing Education Workshops

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School of Nursing


Digital stories have the potential to transform health care systems by cultivating understanding and compassion; however, limited research explores the use of this innovative strategy in continuing education. This article describes how a collaborative partnership of an Academic Team and Translational Partners (n = 15) implemented a four-phase study that included a continuing education workshop with digital stories as the central strategy. The study's guiding questions focused on adapting approaches to creating digital stories to reduce logistic concerns and overcome implementation challenges yet empower nurses in their practice with families. Numerical and narrative responses from workshop participant evaluations (n = 160) affirmed storytelling as the most valuable component, and reflection increased understandings to influence their thinking and actions. This study affirms using digital stories as an implementation strategy in health care systems has the potential to transform nursing education, supports the transfer of family nursing practice knowledge, encourages reflection, and develops empathy for families and nurse peers.

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Journal of Countinuing Education in Nursing