David Miller, Jay Weitz, Martha Lee

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This subgroup of the Moving Image Work-Level Records Task Force of Online Audiovisual Catalogers (OLAC) Cataloging Policy Committee (CAPC) was charged with identifying places in MARC manifestation-level bibliographic records where work-level information may be encoded and examining a sample of MARC records to see how reliably this information might be extrapolated from existing records. Currently we do not have work-level records for moving images, except for a relatively small number of uniform title authority records, which usually contain only title information. Moving image uniform title authority records usually represent works, but tend to include only enough information to uniquely identify the work or expression rather than a more complete description. However, information about moving image works is often embedded in our current manifestation-level bibliographic records. If we wish to move to an environment where we create and share work-level records for moving images, it would be helpful if we could use automated means to extract data from existing bibliographic records to populate provisional work-level records. These provisional records could later be enhanced, verified and corrected by human beings. Therefore, we are interested in determining the extent to which it is possible to accurately extract work-level information from existing bibliographic records.

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