Neon and Helium in the Surfact of Stardust Cell C2028

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Previous studies of light noble gases in Stardust aer ogel samples detected a variety of isotopically non-terrestrial He and Ne compositions. However, with one exception, in none of these samples was there visible evidence for the presence of particles that could have hosted the gases. The exception is materials keystoned from track 41, cell C2044, which contained observable fragments of the impacting Wild 2 comet coma grain. Here we report noble gas data from a second aerogel sample in which grains are observed, cut from the surface of a cell (C2028) riddled with tiny tracks and particles that are thought to be secondary in origin, ejected toward the cell when a parent grain collided with the spacecraft structure and fragmented. Interestingly, measured 20Ne/22Ne ratios in the track 41 and C2028 samples are similar, and within error of the meteoritic “Q-phase” Ne composition.


Physics and Astronomy