Production and Extraction of [10C]-CO2 from Proton Bombardment of Molten 10B2O3

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Physics and Astronomy


This work describes the production of 10C (t12 = 19 s) from an enriched 10B2O3 target using a CTI RDS‐112 11 MeV proton cyclotron. Proton beam heating is used to raise the target to a molten state (∼ 1300 °C), enabling the activity to diffuse to the surface of the melt. An infrared thermocouple monitors the melt temperature. Helium sweep gas then transports the activity to flow‐through chemistry processing for human inhalation of 10CO2 for blood flow imaging with Positron Emission Tomography. The temperature‐related diffusion of activity out of the white‐hot molten glass target is discussed.

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AIP Conference Proceedings