Snythesis of 17F Labeled Fluoroalkanes

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Fluoroalkanes such as fluoromethane labeled with .sup.17 F are produced by contacting .sup.17 F labeled F.sub.2 with alkanes, preferably methane, substituted or unsubstituted alkenes, or substituted or unsubstituted alkynes in the presence of a metal oxide catalyst, preferably a silver oxide catalyst, to produce the .sup.17 F labeled fluoroalkane. The .sup.17 F may be produced by irradiating .sup.20 Ne with protons, preferably having an energy of about 11 MeV and produced by a cyclotron. The .sup.17 F labeled fluoromethane or fluoroalkanes may be produced continuously. A method for determining the location of an .sup.17 F labeled tracer includes generating an .sup.17 F labeled fluoroalkane, administering the .sup.17 F labeled fluoroalkane to a test subject, and scanning the test subject with a radiosensitive detector such as a positron emission tomography scanner.


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