Polarization Transfer in the Na23(p→,23Mg→)n, P31(p→,31S→)n, and Cl35(p→,35Ar→)n Reactions

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The energy dependence of the polarization transfer coefficient Kyy for the P31(p→,31S→)n and Cl35(p→,35A→r)n reactions has been determined from measurements of the positron asymmetry in the decay of 31 S and Ar35. The Na23(p→,23M→g)n reaction was also studied, but the Mg23 asymmetry was consistent with zero over the energy range investigated. The minimum proton energy for each reaction was near the respective (p,n) threshold. Thin targets of NaI and of red phosphorous were used for the Na23(p→,23M→g)n and P31(p→,31S→)n measurements, with maximum proton energies of Ep=7.0 and 9.1 MeV, respectively. The Cl35(p→,35A→r)n reaction was investigated to a maximum proton energy of Ep=10.3 MeV for gas targets with one atmosphere of pure Cl2 or a mixture of CCl4 and He. The polarization transfer coefficients for the P31(p→,31S→)n and Cl35(p→,35A→r)n reactions show considerable variation over the energy ranges studied, with maxima of Kyy=-0.091±0.003 for P31(p→,31S→)n at 7.3 MeV and Kyy=0.143±0.012 for Cl35(p→,35A→r)n at 8.1 MeV.


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Physical Review C