Study of the Interplay of Reentrant Ferromagnetism and Ce-spin Fluctuation in Sm1-x-yGdxCeyMn2Ge2

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To clarify the effects of strong host magnetic fields on Ce-spin fluctuation, we have carried out magnetic, transport, and x-ray absorption studies on Sm_1-x-yGd_xCe_yMn_2Ge_2 compounds. The undoped SmMn_2Ge_2 compound shows reentrant ferromagnetism. Upon cooling, it successively reaches a ferromagnetic (FM) phase above 300 K, an antiferromagnetic (AFM) phase at T_t2\approx 150K, and a FM phase again at T_t3\approx 105K. The magnetic susceptibility results indicate that substitution of Ce for either Sm or Gd expands the AF-phase region (T_t3\leq T \leq T_t2) and shifts it to the lower temperature side. Such effects appears stronger in the Ce for Sm substitution process than the Ce for Gd substitution process. The Ce L_3-edge results indicate that Ce is almost trivalent in this compound series. The lattice parameter a is found to increase with y. The temperature dependent resistivity data show essentially a metallic behavior for the compounds. The correlation between these results will be discussed.

Presented at the March Meeting of the American Physical Society, St. Louis, MO, March 20-24, 1996.


Physics and Astronomy

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Bulletin of the American Physical Society