Inert Gas Stratigraphy of the Lower Half of the Apollo 16 Drill Core

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Section 60003 of the Apollo 16 drill core broke into two "halves" when it was opened. One "half" was processed according to normal procedures. Nine ty-five small samples were collected with special tools from selected locations of the other "half". The objective was to obtain the purest possible aliquots from the various lithologies in this intricately laminated and marbled core. Also, three "massive, uniform units" of the core were sampled in a "grid pattern", i.e. samples were obtained both radially and axially in these units. Splits from each sample were made available for magnetic and track studies, which are reported elsewhere, and for the inert gas studies reported here. The objective is to first characterize the samples and then to try to better understand the stratigraphy of this section.


Physics and Astronomy